At Infinitum Sports, we offer customized pricing plans for our mental performance coaching services. To get detailed information about pricing and discuss the best plan for your child, please reach out to our team by filling out the contact form below. We'll be happy to assist you and provide the pricing details that suit your needs and goals.
Yes, mental performance coaching is highly effective in addressing sports-related anxiety and stress. Coaches provide strategies to manage emotions, reduce anxiety, and build mental resilience, allowing your child to perform better under pressure.
Mental performance coaching is not limited to elite athletes. It can benefit athletes at all levels, from recreational players to those pursuing high-level competition. The skills acquired can enhance their sports performance and overall well-being, regardless of their level of play.
The frequency of sessions can vary depending on your child's needs and goals. Typically, athletes have weekly one-on-one sessions with their coach, supplemented with exercises and practice. The coach is also available for 24/7 messaging support.

Mental performance coaching can be beneficial for athletes of all ages, starting as early as elementary school. The techniques taught can be adapted to suit the athlete's developmental stage and challenges they face.

Mental performance coaching helps your child develop crucial mental skills like focus, confidence, and resilience. It equips them to handle pressure, overcome obstacles, and manage stress effectively, leading to improved performance and a more positive sports experience.